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Starting School Flash Card Bundle

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In the checkout notes, please note which state font you would like your flash cards in, otherwise we will send the generic font cards. 

Set includes, mindset and affirmation cards as well as counting & letter sound flash cards in the perfect bundle for little learners! See below for explanations for each type of flash card. 


With our gorgeous Counting Flash Cards, the numeral is on one side and the number collection is on the other side so that your child can practise counting as well as recognising numerals and number collections by sight.

The Letter Sound flash cards have been designed so that the letters are on one side with the picture on the other in order to avoid children simply relying on the picture alone. The placement of the letters allows you to cover one half of the card if you would like to focus on only lower or uppercase letters at a particular time. They are also personalised in your state's font 

Designed by a teacher and consultant, so much thought and care has gone into these flash cards ensuring that the letters are accompanied by pictures that accurately represent the most common sound that each letter makes. You often see products, aimed at teaching letter sounds, where for example, 'g' is represented by something like a giraffe which actually makes the /j/ sound, or vowels such as 'u' being represented by the long sound (/u/nicorn) not the most common short sound (/u/mbrella). This can cause a lot of confusion when a child starts school as children begin to learn to read and write words phonetically using the most common sounds. 


This gorgeous set of Growth Mindset & Affirmation Cards are designed to develop and foster a growth mindset in children while also building connection and self belief. They are an excellent addition to your daily routine! Designed, with so much thought and and beautifully printed on the highest quality material, these cards make almost as much of an impact in terms of aesthetics as they do on mindsets. 

Each card has two sides. In the morning, read the statement side of the card. Think about what the statement means, have a discussion and then repeat the it to yourself at least three times. Try to refer back to that belief statement as many times as you can throughout the day.

In the evening, ask the question on the other side of the card. Reflect on your day and discuss your answer to the question. There is no right or wrong here! The growth mindset questions make an excellent addition to your dinner table discussion or bedtime routine!

These cards can be used daily, over and over again, to foster and maintain a growth mindset and to encourage an intrinsic drive to learn.

What does it mean to have a Growth Mindset?

Advances in neuroscience have proven that the brain is far more malleable than we ever knew.

 Research has found that childrens’ mindsets - how they perceive their abilities - play a key role in their motivation and achievement. More precisely, children who have a growth mindset, meaning they believe their intelligence and abilities can be developed, outperform those who believe their intelligence and abilities are fixed (a fixed mindset).

When children learn that they can 'grow and strengthen their brains' (increase the number of neuron connections and speed up those connections through effort and practice), they do better. Having them focus on the process that leads to learning (like hard work, embracing mistakes or trying new strategies) fosters a growth mindset and its benefits.


Affirmations are backed by research to help kids ‘rewire’ the brain and prevent or challenge negative self beliefs. Research also tells us that affirmations should be used in a specific way in order to have an impact. These cards are designed accordingly and include a parent guide to get the most out of using affirmations with your child. 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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