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Happy Boxes Project for the Wilcannia Community

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Kindness is contagious - Be the reason behind a smile today. By donating a Happy Box, you can make a difference to a fellow sister-in-need. You can purchase a Happy Box through us and we'll put it together for you and send it to the Wilcannia community in your name.

What do I need to do?

Simply add to cart and we'll do the rest, we'll take a photo of the box we put together for you and we will send it in your name to help the community of Wilcannia.

If you would like to put together your own Happy Box, visit https://happyboxesproject.com for more information. 

What is it?

A collection of toiletries and beauty products put together and sent to a woman in a remote community. The purpose of a Happy Box is to not only provide access to women who would otherwise go without, but to spread kindness and happiness. When you donate a Happy Box, you know you’ve made a beautiful difference.

Where does it go?

This month we are sending Happy Boxes to Wilcannia, a small town in Far Western NSW about 965km north west from Sydney. The town has been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19, with chronic over crowded housing making it hard to isolate. Food reliability is a huge issue with the nearest supermarket being 200km away in Broken Hill. The amazing coordinator Sarah is hoping that the Happy Boxes they receive will give the amazing women of Wilcannia a reason to stay home and enjoy their Happy Box safely. 

What goes in?

Below is a list of example essential and luxury items that may be included in the Happy Boxes

Essential Items

Shampoo + conditioner + soap + face wash + deodorant + sanitary items + hair brush + hair ties + toothpaste + toothbrush

Luxury Items

Nail polish + Incense + Lip balm + Make up + Perfume + Candles + Deodorant + Body Lotion + Moisturiser + Face masks + Bath towel + Shower gel + Exfoliating glove + Notepads + Diaries + Mindfulness activities + Hair accessories

For more information visit https://happyboxesproject.com/what-is-a-happy-box

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